John W. Harlan III


Civil Engineering Degree- VT- 1976

Virginia General Contractor- 1978

Virginia Gateway Region EDO- Board Member

Will Harlan has been a lifelong resident of Virginia. Graduating from Virginia Polytechincal Institute in 1976. The Father of 2 Children and married for 40 years.

Will has built and fostered a culture within Harlan that prioritizes building long term customer relation over single job profit margins. 


Harlan's core ideology is to build great projects, meeting great expectations and developing through commitment, great relationships. Harlan believes in making the difference for our clientele on each project. Even on the most challenging of projects Harlan find success with diligence and discipline of management.


This ideology is pervasive within Harlan and speaks not only to the relationships Harlan forms with it's clientele but also with it's employees.


"We strive everyday for success, meeting our client's goals and expectations in all we do."